Secret Society


What is the Secret Society of the Crimson & Clover Fleur de Lis?

Well, first rule of SSotCaCFdL is: don’t talk about SSotCaCFdL. (Kidding… sort of)

In the simplest of terms, the SSotCaCFdL is a group of readers who have come together to celebrate and discuss the House of Crimson & Clover series by Sarah M. Cradit.

It’s more than that, though. The atmosphere of the group is far more like a family, the name of the group itself being chosen by the members. Discussions often veer off into non-book related topics, as our fearless moderators, Megan and Danyca, do daily polls with random questions. There are also monthly contests with cool swag prizes. And the SSotCaCFdL is often where early teasers, graphics, and other ideas are revealed first.

Marshmallows and kittens are always accepted.

The only requirement to join is that you are truly a fan of the books. That’s it.

Still interested? Sign up here!

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