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 Kelley’s lifelong belief in vampires is about to take an interesting twist.

Kelley Landry and his brothers spent their childhood hunting the elusive vampire. Many hours they toiled in their covert clubhouse, coming of age under the veil of this unusual belief.

Now adults and in college, Kieran and Dillon Landry have moved past childhood whims, pursuing their futures. But Kelley can’t shake his call to the supernatural quite so easily. He spends his days working for his aunt in her pub, and his evenings still secretly investigating blood drinkers.

Kelley begins to wonder if it’s time to move on from his quest. Then Queen Edith shows up, with revelations that send his entire world—and his beliefs—into an exciting whirlwind.

Sarah’s writing is exceptional, the intrinsic details about vampires in general was unique and so new to me. I know Twilight had crushed my interests in vampires and now I realize, there are more exciting paranormal stories, much more enchanting and intriguing than the Cullens.– Claire, Amazon Reviewer

I swear that each book, novella, or excerpt that I read by author Sarah M. Cradit is better than the previous one. I don’t know how she continues to write such amazing, attention grabbing, can’t be missed pieces of amazingness, but she does and she continues to do so (for many, many years I hope)!!– Stephenee Carsten, Nerd Girl Official

I love this intriguing short story, bringing in another new extension of the Sullivan and Deschanel families, and their connections to the two main protagonists. Kelley is delightful and just beginning to realise the belief and wish he’s held for so long may just be about to come true. The possibilities are boundless and I can’t wait to see where Kelley’s eventual decision takes him.– Cathy Ryan, Between the Lines