A peculiar heart meets its mate. Fate, though, has other plans.

Jasper is a peculiar young man, hailing from a peculiar New Orleans family.

Pandora’s eccentric tastes and unusual passions don’t mesh well with her own blueblood Baton Rouge relatives.

When they come together, forging an unlikely but timeless bond, their individual worlds are forever changed. But when circumstances conspire against them, their hopeful idealism is shattered. Pandora flees town, leaving Jasper to pick up the pieces.

In a fortuitous twist of fate, the young lovers find themselves in the same city, each unknowingly on a journey back to one another.


This is a short story, but there is nothing short about it. It packs the punch of a complete novel and it makes the reader want more! There is so much anger, loss, love, betrayal and surprise in this short story that you would swear the book was magical and just never ended. The reader gets a complete sense of satisfaction from the story while at the same time hungering for more of it.- Stephenee Carsten, Nerd Girl Official

This short story allows the reader to become more acquainted with Jasper’s backstory and his romance with Pandora, his wife, and it was an utterly charming tale. These two seem fated to be together, but have to overcome some obstacles to get to their happily ever after.- Teri Polen, Books & Such

The back story of Jasper and Pandora is a love story that touched my heart. This is certainly a stand alone story but, if you’ve been following the author’s other works, I think you’ll appreciate the artful way she ties everything together in this short story. I should say to short of a story because I want more of Jasper and Pandora!- Lori Keane