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Seven Siblings. Seven Years. Seven Spellbinding Novels.


1974. New Orleans. The Deschanel siblings move through early adulthood, some married, others searching, desperately, for meaning.

Charles, the playboy, settles into a horrific marriage, as he watches the only woman he ever loved marry his best friend. Augustus, the fixer, discovers his wife may not be as easy to fix as other things in his life. Colleen, the adherent, begins anew in Scotland, and meets someone also from New Orleans, but their different worlds create a wall between them. Evangeline, the genius, learns about the ups and downs of forbidden love the hard way. Maureen, the haunted, sees an opportunity to forge her own path, but quickly finds herself in way over her head.

Elizabeth, the anguished, the unwilling storyteller of the fated clan, discovers there might yet be a relief for her terrible visions, but the cost is terrible.

As the family progresses through the seventies, they’ll discover the power of secrets, lies, and a fate they cannot escape, no matter how wealthy or powerful they are.