Escape into this tempting tale of a reserved scholar and the young, enthusiastic disciple ready to learn everything he has to offer.

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"Sarah M. Cradit has an uncanny ability to weave magic and mayhem into a heartfelt story of love, lust, betrayal and tragedy. With each flip of the page in this enchanting story, I became more and more enthralled with the characters and fantastical world. The final turn of the last page will leave readers high on euphoria and begging for more."

Raelynn, @rae.in_wonderland

The Hand and the Heart

Two fractured souls. One heart-stopping legacy.

Escape into this breathtaking tale of two passionate young men who have lived their lives for everyone but themselves.


"THATH is easily one of my favorites in The Book of All Things series. With a rollercoaster of emotions and the magnificent look into the Medvedev world, Sarah brings to life this romantic fantasy like the Weaver of Worlds that she is."
~ Rachel, rachelsbooktea

"Lush and heartwarming! Cradit's ability to weave both a heartfelt romance and epic world is to be commended."
~ Elle Beaumont, author of the Immortal Realms Trilogy.

"The story, the setting, and the magic system are so incredibly unique and intricate, I absolutely loved it. And oh WOW, this sweeping story of two men on a journey to find themselves while they find each other is just beautiful. Absolutely a must-read for fantasy romance lovers!"
~ Jordan Fischer, julietfoxreads


"With intricate world building and complex characters that jump off the page, The Altruist and the Assassin is a beautiful tale of buried memories, family feuds, and an epic, swoon-worthy fated love you'll be rooting for."

Tessonja Odette, author of the Entangled with Fae series

The Belle and the Blackbird

She's a dangerous mystery he can't resist solving.

Sink into this alluring tale of a reclusive pubkeep and the dazzling, unattainable noble whose life is wrapped in a deadly mystery he can’t resist solving.

“Wow! Cradit has done it again!! Ana’s journey is dark, twisted, and full of surprises. And Tyr is a tortured hero who is both delicious and compelling. What an unbelievable ride!”
- Elle Madison, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Lochlann Feuds

“The Belle and the Blackbird is a gorgeous unraveling of a fantasy romance with dire twists and a love worth bursting into flames to defend!”
- Casey L. Bond, author of Where Oceans Burn

“I am in love with this retelling and literally adore each and every character here. A must, must-read book.”
- Anshul (@stories.buddy)

"Sarah M. Cradit had woven a masterful tale of twists and heart wrenching moments."

May Sage, USA Today Bestselling Author of After Darkness Falls
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"Cradit is one author I will always read! I absolutely love this highly-addictive and swoony world that rips all the emotions out of me!"

Candace Robinson, Author of the Vampires in Wonderland Series

"A riveting, thought provoking, intelligent, and dynamic story that would easily fill the void for any Game of Thrones fan. Cradit not only delivers, she excels. The first of an epic series that will no doubt have a cult following. Simply superb."

Award Winning Author Julieanne Lynch

"Her (Cradit's) talent for creating atmosphere rivals Daphne du Maurier. This is modern Gothic with fierce smarts."

New York Times Bestselling Author Christopher Rice

“Mrs. Cradit has a way with words that will leave you wanting to read more.”

Goodreads Review

“A must for any Fantasy, Supernatural and Thriller fans.”

Goodreads Review

"It takes a great writer like Cradit to weave the threads of so many characters into an enjoyable story. I have no doubt that the name Cradit will one day be associated with the echelon of gothic fiction writers, namely Radcliffe, Blackwood, and Rice."

Becket, Bestselling Author of Anne Rice: The Alphabettery