The Raven and the Rush

One raven. One boy. One destiny.

Escape into a tale of fractured duty and forbidden love weaving together a fate bigger than man, bigger than magic. The Raven and the Rush is the first book in the Blackwood Cycle of The Book of All Things.


“Absolutely addicting! The Raven and the Rush is a dark, glittering gem of a book, full of political intrigue, unforgettable characters, and an epic romance.” – Casey L. Bond, author of House of Eclipses

“Intricate world building sprinkled with a romance wrapped in darker hues. The Raven and the Rush takes the reader on a thrilling journey through intrigue and empowerment.” —Angelina J. Steffort, author of Shattered Kingdom

“A book that I would want to read over and over again. Cradit is a master of words and my heart is so full!” – Candace Robinson, Author of The Bone Valley


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Evrathedyn Blackrook whiles his days away at university, blissfully oblivious to the horrors afflicting his homeland. He escapes into dusty books, content as a second son.

Rhosynora Ravenwood spends her sleepless nights fantasizing of ways to escape her icy, suffocating dynasty. To flee her birthright is to invite a traitor’s penance. To stay is another kind of death.

But time and fate have a way of mending all mistakes.

Evra soon finds himself the new Lord Blackrook. His inheritance is a plague-ridden land, the pyres from his late father’s campaign against magic still smoldering.

His realm’s future in the balance, he travels beyond his borders to a remote northern hamlet, where he meets Rhosyn. The spark between them is immediate; the suspicion even stronger. In Rhosyn, Evra sees her rare magic as the perfect answer to his troubles. In Evra, Rhosyn sees everything wrong with the depraved world of men.

But Evra is out of options. And Rhosyn is out of time.

As they resist the undeniable, forbidden bond growing between them, Evra’s dawning horror of Rhosyn’s fate brings him to an impossible choice.

His home, or her?


The Raven and the Rush is the first story in the Blackwood Cycle of The Book of All Things.

The Blackwood Cycle:
Forbidden love, second chances, found family, and the Rise of House Blackwood (low heat)
The Raven and the Rush
The Poison and the Paladin
And more


The Raven and the Rush Playlist

Exclusive art featured on the hardcase of the hardcover edition of TRATR (art by Art by Steffani)
“Evra and Rhosyn in the Armory” by Alexandra Curte for The Raven and the Rush
“Evra and Rhosyn on Icebolt Mountain” by Alexandra Curte for The Raven and the Rush
“Rhosynora Ravenwood” by Lauren Richelieu for The Raven and the Rush
“Evrathedyn Blackrook” by Lauren Richelieu for The Raven and the Rush

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