The Melody and the Master

Her song is death. His offer is life.

Disappear into this twisty tale of a ruthless heir and the sheltered, gifted orphan he chooses as both his wife and his greatest weapon against a growing list of enemies. The Melody and the Master is the first book in the Darkwood Cycle of The Book of All Things.


“The Melody and the Master is a masterpiece. Stunning world-building, beautifully flawed characters, and a riveting, engaging plot. You don’t want to miss this!”
– Cameo Renae, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Sarah M. Cradit has done it again! The Melody and the Master is a highly addictive tale filled with secrets, beautifully flawed characters, and a catastrophic, stunning love story filled with tension and beauty that will stay with me for a long time.”
– Rebecca L. Garcia, Author of Shadow Kissed

“WOW! Sarah Cradit has done it again and stolen my heart… each book in this incredible world gets better and better.”
– Merrit Townsend, @always1morebook

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Siofra has lived her entire life in isolation, terrified of her unrestrained dark magic. Then the unthinkable happens, and she and her brother are imprisoned for murder.

Before the law can deliver their punishment, the siblings are rescued by a mysterious benefactor, whisked away to a glamorous manor in the far north, where everyone treats them like a prince and princess.

Shadowfen Hall, and the surrounding forest, keeps a wall between Desemir and his rivals. His lack of heir leaves him vulnerable, but to marry within his peerage would ignite the very coup he needs to avoid.

Siofra and Desemir’s needs conveniently intersect. She needs protection for herself and her brother. He needs a wife and children to secure his legacy.

If it all seems too good to be true, it is.

Because everyone knows darkness can only be soothed, not contained.

The Melody and the Master is a marriage of convenience dark fantasy romance tale set in the Kingdom of the White Sea universe, with hints of Beauty and the Beast, Hades and Persephone, and Jane Eyre. It is the first story in the Darkwood Cycle of The Book of All Things.

The Darkwood Cycle:
Marriages of convenience, age gaps, friends to lovers, and healing love, deep in the Darkwood (medium high heat)
The Melody and the Master
The Hand and the Heart
And more

The Melody and the Master Playlist

Exclusive art featured on the hardcase of the hardcover edition of TMATM (art by Alexandra Curte)
“The Game” by Art by Steffani for The Melody and the Master
Desemir Trevanion by Art by Steffani for The Melody and the Master
Siofra Thornheart by Art by Steffani for The Melody and the Master


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