Nineteen Seventy-Two

Evangeline’s new social life takes a dark turn.


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1972. New Orleans. The remaining six Deschanel siblings live with their long-suffering mother outside New Orleans, in the historic family plantation. Each of them unique. Each of them born with a gift. In some cases, a gift they wish they could give back.

Two years have passed since the tragic loss of one of the seven. Life goes on, but no one is the same. Charles, the playboy, spirals further into the comfort of depravity. Augustus, the fixer, buries his heartache in business. Colleen, the adherent, falls deeper into her own escape, her education. Evangeline, the genius, discovers a life outside her studies, but at a dark cost. And Maureen, the haunted, takes back her power, only to find her autonomy is a false promise, like so many other things in the lives of a Deschanel.

And Elizabeth, the anguished, knows what the others do not. She carries the burden of this knowledge, as she carries all the family’s bleakest moments.

If they thought 1970 was the last of their heartache, they were dead wrong.