From the Ledgers of Finnegan St. Andrews

Dive into the journals of our favorite lobsterman, Finn St. Andrews, and see the events of the House of Crimson & Clover unfold through his eyes....


The ledgers are divided into timelines. Before the Darkness details the events leading up to Anasofiya Deschanel's accident in The Storm and the Darkness. The Eye of the Storm will explore all that happened while Ana was convalescing, where After the Damage talks about the days after Finn went home from the hospital. As the series moves forward, Finn's view on the events will give readers a unique glimpse and perspective of all that goes on.

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Before the Darkness


October 1, 2005

Unusually warm day today. Record highs predicted in the forecast the remainder of the week, though my senses suggest we may see our first cold spell far earlier than the weathermen expect. Not complaining. The catch was above average for early October, and this means Cartwright will be happy. Jon is in a rare good mood, having learned his research was selected for some big project he's been excited about. Hope that distracts him from the shrinking food storage. Sometimes I wish I'd never made a deal to sell to a corporation.


October 5, 2005

Temps have dropped, as I anticipated. Catch was strong though, and all ten of my traps were full. Perhaps our dwindling food storage will grow once again, before the winter storms hit. To celebrate, I visited the Thirsty Wench, where I ran into Carrie Donoghue. Went back to her place, where I prepared some lobster for her before engaging in some MUCH needed play. Really need to start getting off the island, more, though. I'm running out of women I haven't already shared a bed with.


October 7, 2005

Weather is waffling between the 40s and 60s, but thankfully we're not yet in the snow season. My traps continue to bear fruit, while other lobstermen are getting ready to turn in for the season. Even sent Jeremiah home with an unexpected bonus, as I know his mom has been struggling lately. Decided to celebrate again. Turns out Carrie has a friend on the mainland who didn't mind making the long trip to the Island. Was refreshing to have some variety, though I'm mildly ashamed to admit I did not get her name. Not that it matters. These things never go anywhere, and never will.


October 9, 2005

Strong catches persist, which makes me very happy. This time last year, we were already docking for the winter. Small repair needed on Forbia, but was minor and didn't set me back more than an hour. I really do need to start restocking that food storage, though…


October 10, 2005

No change in the weather or the lobster haul (thank you, Lord!), but some other interesting news to report. The Deschanel house, which has remained vacant for over thirty years, suddenly has an occupant. Ana Deschanel, from what I hear around town. Never met her before, but our parents sure remembered her mother, Catherine. Jon, coincidentally, is now in a particularly foul mood. I think he's worried she might come introduce herself and yank him out of his hermit solitude. I would trade my day's catch to see the look on his face, if she did. Hah!


October 13, 2005

Not only did my traps fill today, I dumped them and refilled them- twice! I don't know who is responsible for this blessing, but thank you! On another note, this Ana Deschanel has yet to introduce herself, but she's been on her porch every evening when I return from the day on the sea. I wave, and she waves back. She's real pretty, from a distance, but I guess most women are. Can't help wondering why she's here, and why she chooses to remain in her house. Reminds me of something Jon would do.


October 20, 2005

Had a meeting in Portland with Anders Cartwright today. He's pleased with what I've been delivering to him, as he freaking should be. His other lobstermen are only bringing in half what I can, with twice the equipment. He seems afraid I'm going to jump ship and go with another company who will pay more, but that's because he doesn't know me at all. If he did, he would know I'm not doing this for the money. All overflow has always gone to charity. On the way home, I waved at the pretty new neighbor again. I really should go say hello.


October 23, 2005

I have to wonder how much longer the weather will hold out. My senses say it will continue on, but I can only ever see out a week or so. For now, I remain thankful, and the children's charity continues to be grateful toward their mysterious benefactor. Jon says I should tell them who I am, but I don't want the attention. I just want to carry on the good work of our mother. Speaking of Jon, he's in another one of his moods. He apparently had a run-in with Ana in town while picking up dinner. Says she's rude, and is convinced she's here because of some horrible scandal back home. Sounds like baloney. I still haven't said hi to her, but I can't help looking forward to our waves.


October 31, 2005

I've been remiss about the ledger this week, as I had a strong sense this will be the last week of good weather and have been pulling extra long days. I told Jon today I think the first big storm this year will shut the island down. Soon. Of course, the weathermen don't predict it, but they never do. Earlier in the evening, Jon took in Ana Deschanel's stray kitty, who was hit by that repulsive lump of a man, Jim Sharp. I wish Horn would just throw that man in jail and be done with it. I sure hope Jon didn't give her too hard of a time, though when animals are involved, he turns into a big softie. Ended the night with Darcy Mulligan, who looked surprisingly hot in her StayPuft Marshmallow costume. Weirdly, when I closed my eyes, it was Ana I thought of, though. Bizarre, seeing as I haven't even met the girl.


November 7, 2005

I can't even think about today's catch because my mind is swimming over the "date" I had with Miss Anasofiya Deschanel. Wow. There's no other word for it. She's not what I expected, at all. Cooked her dinner, and then we talked... for hours. I've never had a conversation with anyone, let alone a woman, for that long. And unlike the Carries and the Darcys of the world, I wasn't thinking of the quickest way to get in her panties. Hell, I had to work up the damn courage to kiss her. Sheesh. I have no idea what to make of it. All I know is, I want to see her again. Have to. Whatever I'm feeling, it's different, somehow. But, for now, I need to go shovel the path down to the food storage because the storm is HERE!


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