Darkwood Cycle Pronunciation Guide

The following is a pronunciation guide for the characters and locations from the Darkwood Cycle of The Book of All Things

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The author would like to point out that she’s a writer, not a lexicographer, so these do not follow any official pronunciation guidelines. The intent is clarity, not perfection.

These pronunciations include people and places from The Melody and the Master.


Chrest- Crest

Gawain- Guh-wain

Moira- Moy-ruh

Rohan- Roe-inn

Siofra- Sea-off-ruh

Stiofen- Stee-oh-fen

Willem- Will-um

Pronounced as expected: Marina, Newcarrow, Stanhope, Steward, Stewardess, Thornheart

Darkwood Run

Amaralotte/Lotte- Ah-marh-uh-lot/Lah-tee

Arenn- Air-enn

Arranden- Uh-ran-den

Desemir- Des-uh-meer

Elspeth- Ells-peth

Euric- Your-ick

Farren- Fair-enn

Gisela- Jiss-ella

Jocosta- Joe-coss-ta

Lieken- Like-en

Ludwik- Lewd-vik

Naos- Nay-oss

Pesha- Pesh-uh

Prentiss- Prenn-tiss

Trevanion- Truh-van-yun

Wintersin- Winter-sin

Wulfhelm- Wulf-helm


Pronounced as expected: Bennett, Cassius, Darkwood Run, Edmond Rolfe, Elaina, Felwood, Hughbert, Klaus, Lidia, Northerlands, Pearl, Shadowfen Hall, Weaver