The Hinterland Veil

Bravery conquers fear. Fate races time.

The House of Crimson & Clover continues in the ninth volume, The Hinterland Veil.


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The Deschanels are scattered across Europe in a last bid to protect what matters most.

Finn gets closer to finding Ana every day, but time is running out. He must embrace his Quinlan training or lose her forever.

Their son, Aleksandr, flourishes under Quinlan protection as he discovers who he is and what he wants. But for the young man who must fulfill his side of the prophecy to save his family, falling in love proves to be the biggest danger to him yet.

Desperate for a miracle and powerless against Mercy’s delusions, Nicolas follows her to Scotland in search of the unknown.

Deep in the middle of nowhere, Ana’s feverish dreams dangle the impossible, while her nightmares are a horrifying glimpse of will happen if she can’t find a way to escape Agripin’s dangerous hold.

Every last Deschanel must dig deeper than ever before and bravely face their fears or everything they’ve worked for will be lost to fate’s cruel hand.