The Secrets Amongst the Cypress

Time is a perilous wheel when turned by untested hands.

The House of Crimson & Clover continues in the tenth volume, The Secrets Amongst the Cypress.


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Amelia and Jacob have landed in a very familiar where. The when, on the other hand…

Jacob’s first time using his time travel ability sent them to 1861 Louisiana on the eve of the Civil War. But with no luggage or invitation, and a weak cover story, they find themselves at the mercy of Amelia’s ancestors.

As the strange and terrible dynamics of the nineteenth century Deschanel family come to light, Amelia and Jacob are each drawn into the family’s complex web, challenging long-held truths. These revelations place them in grave danger from those around them… but also from themselves.

Amelia’s deep emotional wounds drive her further from Jacob and into the strange world of enigmatic Victor, who knows way too much about her.

Jacob has demons of his own. His inability to save Amelia from her pain leaves him cynical and weary, quickly losing sight of who he is… and who he is desperate to become.

The hands of time have taken hold, and the clock is ticking.

If they don’t find a way to return to their time soon, they’ll be stuck in the past forever.