A Tempest of Discovery

New and long-time fans alike will fall in love with our consummate bad boy, Nicolas, as he leads the Deschanels through their greatest trial yet.

“Absolutely riveting!”

“Cradit’s delivery of mystery and intrigue is flawless.”

“Be still my heart. Nicolas Deschanel is back and better than ever.”

“A must for any Fantasy, Supernatural and Thriller fans.”

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Nicolas Deschanel spent three decades holding court as the princeling of New Orleans and heir to his family’s dynasty, pleasure his only obligation. A dance with rock bottom leads him back to his family, and redemption in contrite service.

Here, his life intersects with Lauren, whom he loves and respects, but knows he doesn’t deserve. She approaches their working relationship with the same careful pragmatism she affords his misplaced affection. Nicolas forces his feelings aside so they can launch their first mission together, which sends his cousin Charlotte to Paris to investigate siblings causing supernatural trouble.

She’s only there to observe, but Charlotte’s fearlessness leads her perilously close to one of the siblings, enigmatic philanthropist Lawrence Henry. Her vague reports home keep Nicolas and Lauren in the dark, allowing them to shift their focus to something confidential—and perilous.

But a violent, unexpected threat leaves Nicolas and Lauren in stunning defeat. While they tend their wounds and reassess, Charlotte’s inability to resist Lawrence’s allure leads her beyond her family’s aid.

When the dust settles in both New Orleans and Paris, chilling truths will surface in the aftermath. Truths that will change the lives of the Deschanels forever.

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