Artist Lauren Richelieu, the same portrait artist who brought Kingdom of the White Sea to life, has now also painted the heroes and heroines of The Book of All Things.

You can find more of her art on Instagram at @lrichelieuart

Rhosynora Ravenwood of Midnight Crest
Second Daughter of the High Priestess

Rhosyn wasn't born to be High Priestess, but circumstances will make her one nonetheless. Only problem is, there's nothing in the world she wants less. She finds reprieve in the world of men, with the Frosts, who treat Rhosyn as one of their own. But nothing will ever be the same again when she meets a man from another part of the kingdom, Evrathedyn Blackrook.

Evrathedyn Blackrook of Longwood Rush
Second Son of the Lord of the Westerlands

Evra, the discarded second son of the Lord of the Westerlands, found his purpose in books—at least until both his father and elder brother perish, leaving him with to wear the mantle of the Westerlands. Problems within his homeland will send him traveling beyond it, to the Northerlands, where he'll meet Rhosyn, turning all his plans upside down.