Heroines and Heroes of The Book of All Things

These are the Official Portraits for The Book of All Things. From orphans to scholars, playboys to cinnamon rolls, priestesses to dagger-wielding badasses, every romance has something new and magical to offer. 

This art is copyrighted and cannot be sold, copied, modified, licensed, or used in any way. It's shared here with the purpose of enriching the reading experience.


The Raven and the Rush (Blackwood Cycle)

Rhosyn wasn't born to be High Priestess, but circumstances will make her one nonetheless. Only problem is, there's nothing in the world she wants less. She finds reprieve in the world of men, with the Frosts, who treat Rhosyn as one of their own. But nothing will ever be the same again when she meets a man from another part of the kingdom, Evrathedyn Blackrook.

Evra, the discarded second son of the Lord of the Westerlands, found his purpose in books—at least until both his father and elder brother perish, leaving him with to wear the mantle of the Westerlands. Problems within his homeland will send him traveling beyond it, to the Northerlands, where he'll meet Rhosyn, turning all his plans upside down.




The Sylvan and the Sand (Southerlands Cycle)

As the beloved and only daughter of the Southerland Lord, Yesenia has three loves: kin, homeland, and independence. Romantic love is a weakness, she believes, one she's done well to avoid. But the one thing she cannot avoid is the king's decree that she marry her family's enemy—the second son of the terrible Quinlandens, who have stolen their gold and men.

Corin has always been content as the second son of Lord Quinlanden, happy to remain separate of the neverending scheming between his father and his older brother. His only desire is to marry a bride far away, where he can be free of their machinations. But when the king forces him into marriage with the daughter of his family's sworn enemy, everything he's ever known will be turned on its head.




The Altruist and the Assassin (Guardians Cycle)

Rhiain is the spoiled, sheltered daughter of a powerful man, who seemingly has everything—except her memory. A chance encounter with another powerful man leaves her weak in the knees, and more confused than ever, for Asterin Edevane claims to know what happened to her in the years missing to her. But his mysterious, mercurial behavior leaves her more confused than ever.

Asterin is the Reliquary's Dealer of the Old World, a procurer of old documents from languages long forgotten. He spends his days locked away in his private library or riding off to meet speculators offering more prizes for his collection. But behind his work lies a dark secret. One that he has no choice to confront when Rhiainach Skylark walks back into his life.




The Melody and the Master (Darkwood Cycle)

Siofra has lived her entire life in isolation, fearful of the dark magic she has never learned to restrain. She and her twin brother, orphaned young, have been the unwilling wards of terrible men. But then tragedy turns to opportunity when a peculiar man, Pesha, rides from across the kingdom to rescue them. It all sounds too good to be true, and it is, for the man behind their rescue, Desemir Trevanion, has something he wants in return.

Desemir lives in the shadow of his father's terrible legacy. Burdened by guilt he cannot assuage, he creates a found family of his own at Shadowfen Hall, a home he never leaves because of the growing list of enemies just beyond his lucrative forest. He needs a wife, but marrying within his peerage opens him up to a hostile takeover. What he needs is someone from far away... someone no one in Darkwood Run knows. Who he needs is the beautiful, bright orphan his brother has just brought home.




The Claw and the Crowned (Sceptre Cycle)

Imryll has spent her life in rocky isolation on the royal isle of Duncarrow, but dreams of freedom on the mainland. She secretly makes plans to leave but then her entire world is upended when she is selected as the prince's First Chosen—his chief royal concubine and future queen. Imryll has never felt more trapped, but soon, she'll experience another kind of freedom... one only a dark knight can offer.

Drazhan has spent the past decade training to avenge his family, who were slaughtered by the crown. His plan finally comes together when he wins the opportunity to serve as Princess Imryll's personal guardian. Ruining the future queen—to eliminate all hope for the crown's future—proves to be harder than he thought, for Imryll is far more than he ever bargained for.




The Poison and the Paladin (Blackwood Cycle)

Edriss is a young poison mistress who has always, despite living the life of a privileged highborn, been alone. The forgotten child of a mercurial, dangerous lord. Her one light in the darkness has always been Lorcan, her older brother's friend, and her protector.

Lorcan lives by a creed of honor and loyalty, which are both strengths and the very things keeping him from happiness. He would do anything in the world for Edriss, except the one thing they both want the most.


The Belle and the Blackbird (Guardians Cycle)

Anastazja has been fighting a horrible battle against her wicked stepmother for years, one she's close to losing. The crone has already taken everything else she loves, so Ana breaks the heart of the only boy she's ever loved, Tyr.

Tyreste's life has been nothing short of turbulent, so he welcomes his quiet days and nights in his family's pubs, no troubles at his doorstep. But when Ana suddenly ends things, he knows there's more to her rejection than meets the eye.


The Hand and the Heart (Darkwood Cycle)

Fen has only ever had one mission: protect his sister from her dark magic. But when she finds her own safety and happiness, he finds himself lost and without purpose. Pesha's friendship is a lifeline he knows he should reach for, but is afraid to.

Pesha needs nothing more than the isolated life he has at his brother's side, deep in the Darkwood. But his sister's declining state takes him on a quest to his ancestral homeland, where he and Fen will struggle against devils internal and external.



The Duke and the Disciple (Sceptre Cycle)

Aesylt led her people through their darkest days when she was only eight. Survival is all she knows. Over a decade later, a shy, reserved duke enters her life and turns it upside down.

Rahn has spent his entire thirty years on a remote royal island, and is ready to find his true purpose. His scholastic work keeps him from thinking too hard about all he's missed out on, until Aesylt challenges everything he believes to be true about himself.