Character and Location Guide- The Melody and the Master

The following is the Character and Location Guide that appears in The Melody and the Master.



Steward & Stewardess:

Willem and Marina Stanhope

Gawain Stanhope (son)

The Thornhearts:

Rohan Thornheart (deceased) & Moira Thornheart (deceased)

Siofra “Si,” 18 (twin)

Stiofen “Fen,” 18 (twin)



The gaoler

Darkwood Run

Master of Shadowfen Hall:

Desemir Trevanion II, 26

Others at Shadowfen Hall:

Pesha (Wintersin) Trevanion, 17

Euric (Desemir’s Guard)

Wulfhelm (Desemir’s Guard)

Cassius (Desemir’s Guard)

Gisela (Attendant)

Lieken (Attendant)

Lotte (Head Mistress)

Past Residents of the Hall:

Ludwik Trevanion, Deceased (Desemir’s Father)

Lidia Trevanion, Deceased (Desemir’s Mother)

Arenn Wintersin, Deceased (Pesha’s Mother)

Naos Wintersin, Deceased (Arenn’s Partner)

Klaus Trevanion (Desemir’s Grandfather)

Elaina Trevanion (Desemir’s Grandmother)

Other Barons of the Darkwood:

Baron Bennett Weaver and wife Elspeth

Baron Edmund Rolfe and wife Pearl

Baron Prentiss Felwood and wife Jocosta 

Steward and Stewardess of Darkwood Run:

Hughbert and Agnes Arranden