Morrigan’s Prophecy was a divination given to the Goddess Morrigan via Goddess Danu. The words foretold the day that four individuals—one descendant from each original clan, Falias, Murias, Findias, and Gorias—would unite the Empyreans and Quinlans once again,. This prophecy was delivered to both a Quinlan and an Empyrean, and vowed they would go through nearly two millennia of war and strife before finding peace.

The Prophecy

Two millennia of wars and strife, which cannot be avoided, but can be stopped. One descendant from each of the four to emerge. Four become two, their offspring the peace that unites the two races again.

From Falias, a male, draoi, pure of heart and an affinity for creatures.

From Murias, a female, born of fire and darkness.

From Findias, a female, reincarnated over the many moons.

From Gorias, a male, draoi. The lover of the Findias heir. 

A son shall spring from Falias and Murias. Findias and Gorias join after many reincarnations, bringing forth a daughter. This son and this daughter will join together, in peace, uniting the Quinlans and Empyreans once more, thus ending the long days of war.

Ancient Stone Circle Ritual

The Heirs

Heir of Falias: Finn St. Andrews
Heir of Murias: Anasofiya Deschanel
Heir of Findias: Amelia Donnelly
Heir of Gorias: Jacob Donnelly

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