Character and Location Guide- The Raven and the Rush

The following is the Character and Location Guide that appears in The Raven and the Rush



Lord & Lady:

Lord Aeldred Blackrook

Lady Fyana Blackrook (deceased)


Longwood Rush (“The Rush”)

Lord’s Children:

Astarian, 20

Evrathedyn, 19

Edriss, 16

Other Blackrooks:

Lady Alise, Sister of Aeldred

Lady Meldred, Mother of Aeldred

Lord Andarian, Father of Aeldred (deceased)


Aelric Tyndall, Leonarde Bristol, Roland Ashenhurst, Lewin Wakesell, Walter Glenlannan, Oliver Richland, Tedric Blakewell, Oswyn Derry, Rohan James

Other Westerlanders:

Lorcan James, Finnegan Derry, Kindra Bristol

Rush Riders:

First Rider Thennwyr Blackfen

Theomund Wakesell

Aldwen Tyndall

Meira Ashenhurst

Tearsten Everhart

Farrigan Falstaff

Midnight Crest

High Priestess & Priest:

High Priestess Naryssa Ravenwood

High Priest Aberdyn Ravenwood


The Rookery

Priestess’ Children:

Rendyr, 21

Augustyn, 20

Arwenna, 17

Rhosynora, 16

Vradyn, 14

Other Ravenwoods:

Avadora Ravenwood, Dowager High Priestess

Midwinter Rest

Steward & Stewardess:

Steward Oswin Frost

Stewardess Ethelyn Dereham Frost


Midwinter Hold

Steward’s Children:

Thornton (Thorn), 20

Morwen, 17

Rylan, 5

Other Frosts:

Brin Eaton Frost, Wife of Thornton

Wystan Frost, Son of Thornton and Brin

Lord and Lady of the Northerlands:

Lord Dryden Dereham and Lady Asa Weatherford Dereham