The Poison and the Paladin

He’s the calm in her storm. 

Disappear into this entrancing tale of the forbidden love between a young poison mistress and her brother’s best friend.


“With Sarah M. Cradit’s signature blend of dark fantasy, political intrigue, and sizzling romance, The Poison and the Paladin had me fully addicted. The forbidden love, dangerous alliances, and heart-wrenching deceptions destroyed my emotions in the best way, while the complex world building, deadly rivalries, and strong female characters gave me everything I needed to satisfy my House of the Dragon cravings.”
~Tessonja Odette, author of the Entangled with Fae series

“A gorgeously written, powerful tale of empowerment. Sarah is a master of weaving her story’s rich, layered worldbuilding and gripping political intrigue within an unfolding romance that both beautifully breaks and puts the heart back together. I was absolutely riveted.”
~Jesikah Sundin, multi-award winning author of The Ealdspell Cycle

“This is a must read for lovers of un-put-downable forbidden romances. Returning to the warring Westerlands, The Poison & the Paladin is a story full of longing, danger, and political intrigue.”
~Rachel, @rachelsbooktea


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Edriss Blackwood has always been alone. Neglected. Abandoned. She converts this angst into action, wielding her vibrant imagination as both sword and shield, slashing through the malevolence slowly destroying her homeland.

Her one light in the darkness is her steadfast protector, Lorcan James.

It all began by a riverbank a decade ago when he found his best friend’s little sister, broken and alone. What started as a matter of honor blossomed into an unshakeable bond between two passionate souls, forged in love, trust, and fierce loyalty.

There was only rule: don’t fall in love. Too bad hearts don’t play by the rules.

But the very thing that brought them together—honor—is what will tear them apart. Their friend Arwenna, extorted by the men waging war against Edriss’s family, convinces a reluctant Lorcan to secretly pretend to be her lover, an elaborate, twisted ruse she claims is the only way to keep Edriss safe. The truth, however, is much more sinister.

Edriss licks the wounds of her shattered heart by wading deeper into the war tearing the Westerlands apart. Reckless, and with nothing left to lose, there’s no limit to what she’ll do to bring down the men responsible.

But one young woman alone cannot stand against pure evil.

If Lorcan can’t find a way to win back her faith, both Edriss and the Westerlands will be irrevocably consumed by the flames.

The Poison and the Paladin is a brother’s best friend, forbidden love romance featuring Edriss and Lorcan, characters first introduced in The Raven and the Rush. It is the second story in the Blackwood Cycle of The Book of All Things, but can also be enjoyed as a standalone.

The Blackwood Cycle:
Forbidden love, second chances, found family, and the Rise of House Blackwood (low heat)
The Raven and the Rush
The Poison and the Paladin
And more

The Priestess and the Paladin Playlist

Exclusive art featured on the hardcase of the hardcover edition of TPATP (art by Nora Adamszki)
“Until the World Ends” by Steffani Christensen for The Poison and the Paladin
Edriss Blackwood by Alexandra Curte for The Poison and the Paladin
Lorcan James by Alexandra Curte for The Poison and the Paladin

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