Summer Island, Maine

Population 202


Summer Island, Maine is a small, reclusive island community off the Eastern Maine shore. It is the easternmost island in Casco Bay, an hour ride on the Casco Bay Ferry Lines to the mainland, and the city of Portland. It lies south of Cliff Island, and southeast of Long Island. Anasofiya Deschanel flees to Summer Island after she makes a devastating mistake back home.


Population: 202 (goes up to 250 in summer months)

Mayor: George Cairne

Law: Sheriff Horn


The island is only 2.2 square miles, and is ovular shaped. At the South end, the wildlife refuge and public parks sit along the shoreline, with a few homes (such as the St. Andrews, Deschanel, and Auslander houses) sitting just on the Southeastern bend. The ferry to the mainland can be caught at the Southwest corner. There are additional public parks in the Northeastern corner, behind the large Farnsworth property.

Androscoggin Avenue is the main strip, and runs from the Southern fork of Heron Hollow Road, all the way to the Northern tip of the island which ends at the Summer Island Inn. Along Androscoggin, all of the main commerce can be found; in the center of the Avenue lies an old Civil War fort. There are two unnecessary stoplights along the Avenue as well, one just before the fort, and one at the Northern end of the road.

Most of the residential neighborhoods can be found on the Western half of the island, as well as on the Eastern section just behind Androscoggin, near the schools. Though, there are homes scattered all over the island.

The Casco Bay Lighthouse sits on the Southern shore, atop the highest point on the island. It is currently condemned, after a series of deaths on the premises. It is now referred to as "Heron Hallows."


Notable Business & Landmarks

Library, Town Hall, Police
Summer Island Maritime Museum
Androscoggin Recreation Center
Old Military Fort
Thirsty Wench- local bar
Fisherman's Wife- local bar
Flanders Grocery- only grocer on the island
Jack's- burger joint
The Clam Shack- local dive seafood restaurant
Edgewater's- formal seafood restaurant
True Value Hardware- hardware store
St. Andrews Veterinary Clinic- only veterinary office
Deep Sea Tackle- local bait and tackle
Wells Fargo- bank
Several churches, and two gas stations


Notable Families

St. Andrews- Brothers Jonathan and Finn share the family home on Heron Hollow Rd. Jonathan is the town veterinarian, and Finn is a lobsterman renowned for his luck. Father Andrew was the town doctor up until his death, and mother Claire was a teacher.

Whitmans- Alex is an overseer for multiple properties on Summer Island. Parents Bill and Angela were brutally murdered in his youth.

Farnsworths- Run the food storage, as well as the Maritime Museum.

McElroys- Jackson McElroy is a good friend of Finn St. Andrews. His wife is Jessica.

Sharps- Known for their tempers and bad manners. Jim Sharp is an especially colorful character.

Auslanders- Hans and Gertrude are elderly German immigrants living adjacent to the Deschanel property on Heron Hollow Rd.

Edgewaters- A family who once owned most of the island, Anderson and Camille died shortly after the tragic death of their only daughter, Carla. They also owned the Casco Bay Lighthouse, which shut down after Carla plummeted from the top to her death.

Shepards- Another wealthy island family, their son Lionel also died the night of Carla Edgewater's death.

Cairnes- Two generations of mayors. The current mayor, George, and his wife Adalynn, are very well respected members of the community.

Aldridge's- Own a vineyard, and also part of the Western coastline.


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