Southerlands Cycle Pronunciation Guide

The following is a pronunciation guide for the characters and locations from the Southerlands Cycle of The Book of All Things

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The author would like to point out that she’s a writer, not a lexicographer, so these do not follow any official pronunciation guidelines. The intent is clarity, not perfection.

These pronunciations include people and places from The Sylvan and the Sand.


Anatole- Anna-toll

Byrne- Burn

Hamish- Hay-mish

Khallum- Cal-umm

Khoulter- Coal-turr

Korah- Core-uh

Rylahn- Rye-lann

Sancha- Sahn-chah

Sessaly- Sess-uh-lee

Warwick- War-wick

Warwicktown- War-wick-town

Yesenia- Yuh-senn-ee-uh

Pronounced as expected: Blackpool, Iron Hill, Foss, Garrick, Law, Lem, Samuel, Sandycove, Strong, Whitecliffe


Antioch- Ann-tee-ock

Arboriana- Arr-bore-ee-ann-uh


Chasten- Chass-tinn

Corin- Core-inn

Drystan- Driss-tin

Mariana- Mare-ee-ann-uh

Quinlanden- Quinn-lann-den

Riona- Ree-oh-nuh

Saorsie- Seer-shuh

Sylvaine- Sill-vain

Pronounced as expected: Aiden, Claire, Gretchen, Lorne, Mads, Skylark, Tristan, Waters, Whitechurch

Epoch of the Accordant

Alric- Al-rick

Asherley- Ash-err-lee

Assyria- Uh-seer-ee-uh

Cerridwyn- Care-uh-dwinn

Correen- Core-een

Darrick- Dare-ick

Dereham- Dare-uh-ham

Earwyn- Ear-winn

Eoghan- Yo-an

Florian- Floor-ee-ann

Gwyn- Gwinn

Khain- Cane

Maeryn- Mare-inn

Oster- Oss-tur

Rhiagain- Rye-gain

Pronounced as expected: Holden, Blackwood