Sceptre Cycle Pronunciation Guide

The following is a pronunciation guide for the characters and locations from the Sceptre Cycle of The Book of All Things

Content is copyrighted, and should not be shared without proper credit.

The author would like to point out that she’s a writer, not a lexicographer, so these do not follow any official pronunciation guidelines. The intent is clarity, not perfection.

These pronunciations include people and places from The Claw and the Crowned.


Calder- Cawl-dur

Carrow- Care-oh

Clarisan- Clare-iss-ahn

Dacian- Day-see-in

Godivah- Guh-dive-uh

Ilynglass- Ill-in-glass

Isdemus- Iz-dee-muss

Lysanor- Lee-san-orr

Mortain- More-tane

Oldwin- Old-winn

Rhiagain- Rye-gain

Torian- Tore-ee-in

Yvaine- Ee-vain

Pronounced as expected: Duncarrow

Noble Houses

Adamina- Ad-uh-meen-uh

Aloysha- Ah-loy-shuh

Alyse- Ah-lease

Dhovaeys- Doh-vae-ss

Drummond- Drum-und

Drushan- Drew-shann

Farrestell- Fair-ess-tell

Fenring- Fenn-ring

Glaisgain- Glass-gain

Imryll- Imm-rull

Luthyas- Looth-yus

Melantha- Mell-ann-thuh

Octavyen- Ock-tave-ee-in

Privaine- Pra-vane

Rahn- Ran

Tasmin- Taz-minn

Teleria- Ta-lair-ee-uh

Tindahl- Tin-dull

Pronounced as expected: N/A


Knights of Duncarrow

Drazhan- Dray-zin

Farradyn- Fair-ah-dyn

Tarsten- Tar-stin

Wynter- Winter

Pronounced as expected: Blackfen, Bythesea, Garrick, Iron Hill, Kav, Owen, Rush Rider, Sandycove, Strong, Waters


Arboriana- Arr-bore-ee-ann-uh

Marcelina- Marr-sill-ee-nuh

Marius- Mare-ee-uss

Oakenwell- Oak-in-well

Quintus- Quinn-tis


Pronounced as expected: Francis, Whitechurch

Witchwood Cross

Aesylt- Ee-silt

Castel- Cass-uhl


Fezzan- Fezz-ann

Pronounced as expected: Ezra, Fanghelm, Hraz, Summerton