The Illusions of Eventide

The mystic awakens.

The House of Crimson & Clover continues in the third volume, The Illusions of Eventide.


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Nicolas’ life is painted by betrayal.

Stinging disloyalty from the two people he loves most leads to overwhelming loss, and an existence devoid of purpose.

He takes a note out of Ana’s playbook and flees the pain, ending up at his family’s holiday home in the Gulf of Mexico.

Instead of solitude he finds Mercy, a breathtaking woman with many layers of secrets and a stubborn refusal to answer any of his reasonable questions.

Mercy needs Nicolas, but he can never know the truth: that she is not a woman at all, but a being thousands of years old, at the end of a journey she needs his unwitting help to complete.

But in her presence, Nicolas’ own dormant magic starts to surface.

Magic he was never supposed to get back.

Magic that awakens beings more ancient—and dangerous—than Mercy.