Special Abilities Compendium

The Magic of The Saga of Crimson & Clover


The Deschanel Magi Collective is responsible for cataloguing and chronicling the various abilities found within the Deschanel genetics. Their world expanded upon discovery of their Empyrean heritage. Below you can find a sampling of their notes.


Can manipulate the four elemental pillars- air, wind, fire, earth- to various degrees.

  • Most conjurers specialize in one specific pillar only. Two is uncommon, three or four is rare.
  • Elemental conjurers can summon large-scale events, such as storms.
  • Crimson & Clover Conjurers: Fleur and Remy Fontenot, Ashley Jameson, Sindre.


Unique to Quinlans, and specifically the males. While most Quinlan abilities pass through the females, in rare cases a male inherits, and they are known as draoi.

  • It is said these males are even more sacred than the females, as their occurrence usually portends something important, and prophetic. It is also believed that all male Quinlan druids are reincarnated, and that there are a limited, finite number of them out there.
  • Draoi are often quite powerful, being both Wards and Time Dancers (time travelers).
  • Other abilities include: Shamanism, Transformation (shape-shifting), Divination.
  • Some draoi take animals as familiars.
  • Crimson & Clover Draoi: Jacob Donnelly, Finn St. Andrews, Padraig Quinlan, Flynn O’Connor.


Can strongly sense and detect emotional response in others.

  • Some empaths are blocked from detecting emotions in other Deschanels. Others can detect emotion, but not intent. Still others have unreliable detection.
  • The most powerful empaths not only sense emotions in others but often experience the emotion with the subject. This can lead to significant danger for the empath.
  • Telempaths can project their emotions on to others.
  • Psychometric Empaths can pick up on historical emotions (imprints).
  • Clairvoyants actually feel the emotion alongside their target.
  • Crimson & Clover Empaths: Amelia Donnelly, Livia, Lucia.

s962408276262554209_p370_i1_w1920Etheric Summoners

Can create and summon a familiar using their own soul and magic.

  • Etheric summoners are the most rare of all abilities; even more rare than mystics. It was believed the ability was wiped out thousands of years ago.
  • Etheric summoners are often volatile as they learn to control the power of their familiar.
  • Crimson & Clover Etheric Summoners: Anasofiya Deschanel.


Can employ forms of mind control, from persuasion, to memory manipulation, to full mind control.

  • The most common form is simply the power to influence, or to cause individuals to temporarily see basic things that are not there.
  • Rare controllers can completely manipulate an individual, and create elaborate illusions. Many Illusionists are also often Telepaths.
  • Crimson & Clover Illusionists: Markus Gehring, Augustus Deschanel, Teddy Fontenot, Eydis.


Can manipulate a large range of items/people/things, and are generally quite powerful. They are not limited to one speciality, and are often considered the "jack of all trade," getting the best of other abilities but also having some unique just to them. True mystics are rare.

  • Many mystics combine a variety of other skills, such as Conjuring, Shamanism, Controlling, Teleporting, etc.
  • Rare mystics also have the ability of Possession, where they can- temporarily or long term- transport their soul to another (living being) and take over their body.
  • Other skills include things such as Astral Projection,  or the separating of one's soul from their body.
  • Nested Visions are fairly common in mystics (the ability to seek out another’s thoughts and send them a vision).
  • Crimson & Clover Mystics: Nicolas Deschanel, Aleksei Deschanel, Aidrik the Wise, Grand Emperor Agripin.

Red hooded woman casting powerful magicNecromancers

Can communicate with, and sometimes channel, the dead.

  • The most common form of necromancy is the ability to simply communicate with the dead.
  • The rarest form of necromancers, a Starlight Awakener, can successfully allow the dead to possess them without long-term damage. Although traditional necromancers can often be a vessel for the dead, they are not able to do this long term. A true Starlight Awakener can not only provide a suitable vessel, but can actually result in Immortality if the necromancer is strong enough.
  • Crimson & Clover Necromancers: Quillan Sullivan.


Can communicate, and often control the flora and fauna of the earth.

  • Bestiakinetics can communicate with, and sometimes control, animals.
  • Arborkinetics can communicate with, and sometimes control, flora.
  • Terrakinetics can manipulate the earth’s energies to create rifts in time, or portails (portals) between one space and another.
  • Crimson & Clover Omnikinetics: Anne Fontaine, Finn St. Andrews, Duchess Nerys, Stian, Hakon.


Can see the future. For some, it is spotty and unreliable. For others, it is clear and crisp.

  • Many seers get unreliable bits and pieces, and often not when they are expecting it.
  • Precognitives can see clear future events. Recognitives can see clear past events (i.e. hundreds of years old)
  • Crimson & Clover Seers: Olivia Claiborne, Elizabeth Sullivan, Harriett Broussard.


Magic libraryShaman

Can heal, either themselves, others, or both.

  • Some shaman have limited capabilities (i.e. they can only heal another Deschanel, or cannot heal other Deschanels, or can only heal themselves).
  • Other shaman have unlimited powers, or extra powers, such as the ability to transfer pain from one to another via Wound Transferral. Some can also perform some form of Mental Healing which is a soothing healing of the mind.
  • There are also Resurrection Shamans, who can bring someone back from the dead if the death was recent, however this is an incredibly rare ability.
  • Crimson & Clover Shaman: Anasofiya Deschanel, Colleen Deschanel, Evangeline Deschanel, Luther Fontenot, Leander Broussard, Adrienne Sullivan.


Can perform various tricks of the mind, such as moving things across the room.

  • Many Deschanels have the basic "parlor trick" telekinesis, where they can move minor objects across short distances. Telekinesis, and Telepathy, are the most common Deschanel abilities.
  • Rare Deschanels can move larger objects, and across larger distances. Some are Levitators and can levitate other humans. Some are Destroyers and can cause items to explode/implode.
  • Stronger telekinetics are also often Conjurers or Elementals.
  • Crimson & Clover Telekinetics: Alain Blanchard, Katja Gehring,


Can read minds.

  • Some mind readers can only pick up on fragments. Some cannot read other Deschanels. Others can only read minds when they are very near in distance.  Telekinesis, and Telepathy, are the most common Deschanel abilities.
  • Mind Exchange is a form of telepathy where the telepath can share their thoughts with others.
  • Strong telepaths are often also Illusionists.
  • Crimson & Clover Telepaths: Tristan Sullivan, Estella Broussard.


Can move themselves across a specified distance. Different from Telekinetic, as this involves the movement of oneself.

  • Basic teleporters can teleport across the room. More advanced teleporters can teleport across longer distances.
  • Some teleporters are Dreamwalkers who can insert themelves into someone's dream (some can then manipulate the dream, others cannot).
  • Crimson & Clover Teleporters: Oz Sullivan.


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