Upcoming and Past Campaigns

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is another way Sarah brings projects to life. The campaigns on the platform are aimed at creating luxe special editions and book boxes, above and beyond the beautiful covers and interiors on the standard editions of her books. Specialty printers require minimum orders, and many of the items she chooses for her boxes are not available at all times. Sarah will always aim to produce the most spectacular products she can, and Kickstarter is a great platform for precisely that.

Below you can find information about past campaigns, and get a peek into future ones!

If you have backed one of these campaigns, and added on "Named as Backer" to your pledge, your name is listed as a Backer here.

Current Kickstarter

"Her (Cradit's) talent for creating atmosphere rivals Daphne du Maurier. This is modern Gothic with fierce smarts. Can't say it enough. I loved this book."- Christopher Rice, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Heavens Rise
Just over ten years ago, I wrote a book that changed my life. It was supposed to be a standalone, but as I developed the world and the characters, both rich and so full of life, I knew it was so much more.
The House of Crimson & Clover Series was thus born. Twelve books (and multiple spinoff series) later, it remains my #1 downloaded book of all time.

This anniversary edition includes custom art, a brand new map of Summer Island, and more!

Upcoming Kickstarter

“Another fantastic hit to this gripping and swoony series. Keep them coming until the end of the world!” - Candace Robinson, Author of Vampires in Wonderland


This box celebrates the forbidden love between Lady Edriss Blackwood and her brother's best friend, Lorcan James, who has sworn the oath of sacred duty as her protector. 


Like the most recent box, Extend the Claws, this will be another unique, exclusive set of 20+ exciting rewards, and an opportunity to get your hands on the limited Kickstarter-exclusive edition of The Poison and the Paladin.

You can follow along here to be notified when it goes live!


Successfully Funded Kickstarters

These special editions were printed in a custom batch through a specialty printer, creating limited-run collector's editions. This project funded at just over $12k and was fully fulfilled a month ahead of estimates.

These editions included the following:

Silk laminate hardcase with text-less art

3-D silver foil lettering on the dust jacket

4 full-color portraits inside

Silk text interior on coated paper

Hand-sprayed and stenciled edges

Named Backers:

Amanda Caldwell

Amanda King

Andra Preset

Anna Lee Kint

Ashlee Pargett

Deborah Hawley

Emily Mertz

Georgina Romo

Katlyn Marshall

Kellie Nylund

Kelly Powell

Kimberly Donahue

Marcia Esders

Melannie Save

Natalie Jess

Nicole de Silva

Nikole Claw

Pia Murillo

Rachel Maifret

Rebecca L. Garcia

Sarah Mueller

Sarah Mueller

Susan Barker

"In the morning, she would accept her fate and return to the role she was born to play. To the cage others had been building her entire life. Tonight, the cage door was open. Tonight, she belonged to Drazhan Wynter, and he belonged to her. Tonight, she had a taste of the freedom she knew would never be hers."

This box celebrates the charged relationship between Princess Imryll and the knight who came to use her in his quest for revenge, Drazhan Wynter. Enemies to lovers, royalty, revenge, and more come to life in this epic tale of a love that wasn't supposed to be. This campaign fully funded at just under 12k.

All book boxes included:

Choice of Claw edition: paperback, hardcover, or limited luxe edition

3 piece sticker pack

2 4x6 character portrait prints and 2 5x7 couple's art prints

Book cover bookmark

Couple's art bookmark

"Freedom Comes in Many Forms" Art Booksleeve

4 character art vellum overlays, placed inside the book

A page from Imryll's vision journal, printed on parchment, tied with leather

Kingdom of the White Sea world map

Book-themed crystal pendant

Claw pin

Tiara hair comb

Bonus Chapter

Digital copy of The Claw and the Crowned

Custom art book box, with books specially wrapped

Named Backers:

Kellie Nylund

Maia Marusak

Miranda Pipino

Monika Wade

Monique Michaels

Rebecca L. Garcia

Ursula Urrutia

Veronica Ramos

Wendy Alvarez