The Dusk Trilogy

Dive into the secretive, ancient, powerful world of the Deschanels and Sullivans…

St. Charles at Dusk follows the forbidden but powerful love story of Oz and Adrienne. Oz Sullivan foolishly falls for his best friend’s younger sister, Adrienne Deschanel, putting in motion a series of events that will upend the lives of both families forever. When Adrienne’s family is killed in a tragic accent in the bayou, Oz is left with all questions and no answers when Adrienne’s body is not among those recovered. Those closest to him insist his need to dwell on the past is killing him, but it isn’t until Oz finally accept she’s gone, years later, that he gets the phone call. It’s Adrienne. With no memory of anything, except a name. Oz.

In Flourish, the story continues by giving voice to Adrienne’s half-sister she came to know during her lost years in the bayou, Anne Fontaine. Anne’s domineering mother has passed away, leaving Anne free to finally seek the answers she’s always wanted about her father’s wealthy and powerful family—the Deschanels. She throws all her late mother’s cautions to the wind and travels to New Orleans, where her encounters with her half-brother, Deschanel heir Nicolas, will lead to a most unusual adventure.

Finally, in Banshee, Adrienne was not the only Deschanel daughter whose story continued on after the accident. Her older sister, Giselle, finds herself with an unusual new lease on life, bound by limitations, and ultimately, a cost to all those she seeks to aid her in her newfound ghastly powers.

Jump into the Dusk Trilogy today and discover the magic that launched the world of the Saga of Crimson & Clover.

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