Blackwood Cycle Pronunciation Guide

The following is a pronunciation guide for the characters and locations from the Blackwood Cycle of The Book of All Things

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The author would like to point out that she’s a writer, not a lexicographer, so these do not follow any official pronunciation guidelines. The intent is clarity, not perfection.

These pronunciations include people and places from The Raven and the Rush and The Poison and the Paladin.


Aeldred- Ale-dred

Aelric- Ale-rick

Alastrynia- Al-uh-strin-ee-uh

Aldwen- Alld-wyn

Alise- Ah-lees (like the name Elise)

Andarian- Ann-dare-ee-ann

Andren- Ann-dren

Arathedyn- Air-uh-they-din

Astarian- Ah-stair-ian

Carlisle- Car-lie-ul

Cressida- Cress-id-uh

Deramore- Dare-uh-more

Edriss- Ed-riss

Evrathedyn- Ehvra-thaay-den (Evra is like Ezra with a v)

Farmina- Farr-mee-na

Feldred- Fell-dread

Fignola- Finn-yola

Fyana- Fee-ahna

Leonarde- Lee-oh-nard (rhymes with leotard)

Lewin- Loo-win (rhymes with shoe-in)

Lorcan- Lore-kin

Marckus- Marr-kus

Meira- Meer-uh (rhymes with Vera)

Meldred- Mel-dread

Rafferty- Raff-ur-tee

Renardy- Renn-arr-dee

Tearsten- Tear-styn (rhymes with Kiersten)

Tedric- Teed-rick

Thennwyr- Thenn-weer

Warrenhap- War-in-hap

Pronounced as expected: Blackfen, Blackrook, Blackwood, Blakewell, Bristol, Everhart, Farrigan Falstaff, Felgarden Rest, Finnegan, Jademarch, Kindra, Longwood Rush, Malcom Fox, Oliver Richland, Osman Derry, Ridge, Rivermarch, Rohan James, Roland Ashenhurst, Theomund, Wakesell, Walter Glenlannan

Midnight Crest

Aberdyn- Ab-er-deen (pronounced like the town in Scotland)

Arwenna- R-wenna

Augustyn- August-een (like Augustine)

Avadora- Ava-dorra

Naryssa- Nuh-riss-uh (rhymes with Clarissa)

Rendyr- Ren-deer

Rhosynora- Rose-inn-orra (Rhosyn rhymes with frozen)

Vradyn- Vrae-dinn

Pronounced as expected: High Priest/Priestess, Midnight Crest, Ravenwood, The Rookery

Midwinter Rest

Asa- Eh-sah (rhymes with Mesa)

Dereham- Dare-ah-ham (the middle syllable often disappears in the pronunciation, like Dareham)

Dryden- Dry-den

Ethelyn- Ethel-inn

Morwen- More-wen

Oswin- Oz-win

Rylan- Rye-lan

Wystan- Wiss-ten (rhymes with Tristan)

Pronounced as expected: Brin, Eaton, Frost, Midwinter Hold, Northerlands, Thornton