The Book of All Things

The Book of All Things is a series of interconnected standalone fantasy romance novels set in the epic world of Kingdom of the White Sea.

Escape into these standalone but interconnected fantasy romance tales of destiny and forbidden love, weaving together fates bigger than man, bigger than magic. As standalone stories, each book in the series can be enjoyed without having read other stories in the series.

The Blackwood Cycle:
Forbidden love, second chances, found family, and the Rise of House Blackwood (low heat)
The Raven and the Rush
The Poison and the Paladin

The Southerlands Cycle:
Arranged marriages, enemies to lovers, and salt & sand redemption in the Southern Reach (medium low heat)
The Sylvan and the Sand
The Flame and the Forsaken

The Guardians Cycle:
Fated love, redemption, and fierce protectiveness in the shadow of the Reliquary (medium heat)
The Altruist and the Assassin
The Belle and the Blackbird
The Virtue and the Vixen

The Darkwood Cycle:
Marriages of convenience, age gaps, friends to lovers, and healing love, deep in the Darkwood (medium high heat)
The Melody and the Master
The Hand and the Heart
The Wulf and the Witchling

The Sceptre Cycle:
Stolen thrones, love triangles, arranged marriages, and fractured duty from the descendants of Ilynglass (high heat)
The Claw and the Crowned
The Duke and the Disciple
The Tempest and the Tides