Guardians Cycle Pronunciation Guide

The following is a pronunciation guide for the characters and locations from the Guardians Cycle of The Book of All Things

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The author would like to point out that she’s a writer, not a lexicographer, so these do not follow any official pronunciation guidelines. The intent is clarity, not perfection.

These pronunciations include people and places from The Altruist and the Assassin.


Adynara- Add-inn-are-uh

Aurelia- Ah-reel-ee-ah

Delano- Dell-inn-oh

Emrys- Emm-riss

Jemma- Jem-uhh

Jesstin- Jess-tinn

Mathias- Muh-tie-us

Rhiainach- Rhee-inn-auck/Rhee-in

Pronounced as expected: Finola, Revenants, Riverchapel, Riverhelm Citadel, Skylark, Steward, Stewardess, Whitten

The Resplendent Reliquary of the Guardians

Falkirk- Fahl-kirk

Feltram- Fell-trum

Gasparde- Gass-pard

King Karsein- Car-sign

Ludmilla- Lewd-milla

Rikard- Rick-arrd

Tyrilla- Tie-rilla

Pronounced as expected: All Reliquary Titles, Claire, Guardians (in all their iterations), Reliquary, Sacred Texts


Adeline- Add-uh-line

Fransiska- Fran-siss-kuh

Evert- Evv-errt

Olov- Oh-lawv

Penhallow- Pen-hal-oh

Pernilla- Purr-nil-uh

Rikard- Rick-arrd

Tyreste- Tear-est

Pronounced as expected: Agnes, Parth, Tavern at the Middle of the World



Asterin- Ass-ter-inn

Capriotta- Cap-ree-ah-tah

Castien- Cass-tee-inn

Caterina- Cat-uh-reen-ah

Lucien- Loosh-yen

Sestinn- Sess-tinn

Theocratin- The-ahh-crah-tin

Pronounced as expected: Oldcastle, Summer Palace