The Sylvan and the Sand Five Piece Swag Pack

Included in this pack:
1 5×7 print of A Meeting of Enemies
1 5×7 print of Enemies to Lovers
1 4×6 print of Corin Quinlanden
1 4×6 print of Yesenia Warwick
1 The Sylvan and the Sand bookmark


Marry your enemy. Dare to survive.


Own pieces of the exclusive art commissioned for The Sylvan and the Sand. Swag pack includes 2 5×7 couple’s prints, and 2 4×6 character portraits, as well as a TSATS bookmark.


“With intricate world building and complex characters that jump off the page, The Altruist and the Assassin is a beautiful tale of buried memories, family feuds, and an epic, swoon-worthy fated love you’ll be rooting for.”
– Tessonja Odette, author of the Entangled with Fae series

“Each book in this highly addictive fantasy series keeps getting better and better! I need more!”
– Candace Robinson, author of the Faeries of Oz Series

“In The Altruist and the Assassin, Cradit expertly blends angsty romance that will leave you swooning, and a high-stakes mystery that will keep you analyzing everything you think you know. I was nothing short of seduced by Asterin, impressed by the layers of each twist, and entranced by this love that transcends time. My favorite in the series yet!”
– Ashlee Pargett, @libraryinthecountry



“Enemies to Lovers” by Offbeat Worlds for The Sylan and the Sand
“A Meeting of Enemies” by Alexandra Curte for The Sylvan and the Sand
Yesenia Warwick by Nora Adamszki for The Sylvan and the Sand
Corin Quinlanden by Nora Adamszki for The Sylvan and the Sand


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