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Anyone can love a LaViolette. Not everyone gets the honor of dying for one.

Controlled chaos. Centuries-old secrets. A deep, abiding hatred that runs through the veins, and lineage, of two ancient families.

Charlotte is chosen by the sinister LaViolettes, with claims about her parentage that are both impossible and yet ring true—too true. She draws closer to Harlowe and her enigmatic clan, but the more she learns, the greater the danger to herself, her family, and her new but unexpected love, Lawrence.

Nicolas’ rise to the head of the family comes with distance from Lauren. His love for her has grown, not waned, but involving her only puts her back in harm’s way. To protect her, he must turn away from her and focus on the new, powerful threat facing down his family… one greater than any foe they’ve known so far.

As Charlotte spins deeper down the rabbit hole, Nicolas must determine when is too soon, and too late, to play the careful hand he’s been building.