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There are no secrets in this family. Only survivors.

Charlotte is now all-in on the war between her two families. She surrenders herself to her mother and the capricious, dangerous LaViolette clan, knowing she alone can save the people she loves. She must do it from within the belly of the beast, where she has no friends. No allies. Her magic means nothing in this den of witches.

Nicolas’ distance from Lauren has allowed her budding relationship with Ashley to blossom. Burying his love for her, he shifts all his focus to helping Charlotte from the outside, spending his days with one eye over his shoulder, and his nights sleepless. But his desperate plan is even more reckless than he realizes, and soon his old life and new one will intersect in irreversible ways.

As Charlotte finds herself deeper and deeper entrenched in the perilous world of the LaViolettes, with no hope or end in sight, she realizes, too late, that Harlowe LaViolette has always been steps ahead of her. With no word from her in months, Nicolas has no choice but to take a bold chance and change course—a move that will come at a tremendous cost for everyone they love.