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An elaborate masquerade ball. Two mischievous, powerful twins. The possibilities are endless.

Fortune follows the Fontenot twins as they dance through their enchanted life among the New Orleans elite. Guests of honor at their revered family’s Mardi Gras krewe ball, they look forward to a night of mischievous fun.

Remy, born of fire, has come to engage in an age-old gentleman’s game, determined to obtain the most conquests over the course of the evening.

Fleur, the ice queen, has only one thing on her mind: winning the heart of a man who does not belong to her. She’ll use anyone, even her innocent little brother, Teddy, to achieve her goal.

But not even the Fontenot twins are immune to fate’s twisted sense of humor.



She is a master manipulator of the curves, twists, turns and loops that she throws in her stories and it is amazing to see that she has no holds barred on who does what, who leaves the story or who get hurts. That makes every story completely unpredictable because the reader can never say that a character is safe – it is truly the most remarkable thing about the stories – no one is safe, no storyline will remain untouched and the reader can never see what is coming next.– Stephenee Carsten, Nerd Girl Official

Sarah Cradit weaves another great tale. It’s a good stand alone story, but adds some good insight into the C&C series. If you enjoy this short story there is much more of the same great story telling in the Crimson and Clover series and more to come. A high five for Fire and Ice.- Helen Dannenberg

This is a must read for all fans and if you are new to her series please jump in and fall in love with the rest of us.– Danyca Russell