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 Ana, Finn, and Aidrik are forever bound. By love, promises, and the undeniable threads of fate.

Finnegan St. Andrews has lost everything. His perspective on the world is forever changed.

Anasofiya Deschanel no longer knows who she is…or what. She longs both for what she has, and all she has left behind.

Aidrik the Wise has vowed to do anything for his evigbond. As he watches her life force slowly ebb, he begins to understand the sacrifice he must make to save her.

All three individuals are bound by love, promises, and the undeniable threads of fate.


This fast-paced novella gives fans of The House of Crimson and Clover series everything they were craving at the end of the Illusions of Eventide.– Julie Galvin, Nerd Girl OFFICIAL

You know what I love best about the Crimson and Clover series? Every book gets better and better. Sarah has a fabulous ability to flawlessly switch from character to character. And when you read each section, you can hear that character’s voice in your head. – Buffie Peterson

Sarah is one of those writers that takes you right into the story instead of telling it, she allows you to feel like you are really there. Not many authors can achieve this and when they do, they come out on top. So, if you haven’t read this series, you need too. It is absolutely amazing! I don’t think Sarah could ever write a bad book.- Amanda DiPierro