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Seven Siblings. Seven Years. Seven Spellbinding Novels.

1973. New Orleans. The Deschanel siblings are now scattered, searching for meaning in their new lives.

Charles, the playboy, moves from his first heartbreak to solemn acquiescence, as he promises his mother he’ll marry a woman who is, by all accounts, a monster. Augustus, the fixer, is all business, until one of his employees catches his attention in a unique way, and he can’t and won’t ignore the strange appeal. Colleen, the adherent, finds lurid temptation undermining her better judgment. Evangeline, the genius, finally enrolls in college but lives a second life no one, not even Colleen is aware of. Maureen, the haunted, discovers there’s more to her terrible ability than she’s ever known, but the cost may be her soul.

And only Elizabeth, the anguished, knows how their stories will go on, or end. She would do anything to change the future. She’ll finally try to do just that.

As the family progresses through the seventies, they’ll discover the power of secrets, lies, and a fate they cannot escape, no matter how powerful they are.