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Seven Siblings. Seven Years. Seven Spellbinding Novels.


1975. New Orleans. The Deschanel siblings are far from children now, some having kids of their own, others settling into the possibility, as they make choices that will shape their futures forever.

Charles, the playboy, finds new meaning as a father, and swears off his old life, littered with indiscretions. Augustus, the fixer, sees his marriage further dissolve just as he learns his wife is pregnant. Colleen, the adherent, is head over heels in love in Scotland, but worries their relationship won’t hold up once he learns her dark secret. Evangeline, the genius, escapes to New England, letting her education be the balm of choice for her broken spirit. Maureen, the haunted, discovers her true purpose as a mother, but fears her arranged marriage will create the instability that drives her daughter down a path too similar to hers.

Elizabeth, the anguished, recovers from the damage wrought by her past choices, and finds penance in helping Augustus with his own struggles. But, for the first time, she will have to do it without her lifeline, Connor, who has been sent away by his parents.

As the family progresses through the seventies, they’ll discover the power of secrets, lies, and a fate they cannot escape, no matter how wealthy or powerful they are.

Charles- The Playboy | Augustus- The Fixer | Colleen- The Adherent | Madeline- The Altruist| Evangeline- The Genius | Maureen- The Haunted | Elizabeth- The Anguished