The Claw and the Crowned Five Piece Swag Pack

Included in this pack:
1 5×7 print of Freedom Comes in Many Forms
1 5×7 print of Mine
1 4×6 print of Drazhan Wynter
1 4×6 print of Imryll of Glaisgain
1 The Claw and the Crowned bookmark


Freedom is her desire. Vengeance is his price.


Own pieces of the exclusive art commissioned for The Claw and the Crowned. Swag pack includes 2 5×7 couple’s prints, and 2 4×6 character portraits, as well as a TCATC bookmark.


“Dark and sexy, The Claw and the Crowned is skimming the line between what love demands and what hate allows. Freedom comes in many ways!”
~Angelina J. Steffort, award-winning author of The Quarter Mage

“The Claw and the Crowned took my breath away. It has Sarah M. Cradit’s signature epic worldbuilding and addictive plotline, but it also has a fan-your-face-steamy romance that kept me flipping pages well into the middle of the night. The Book of All Things is a must read fantasy series- it truly has all the things I love in my favorite books.”
~Michelle, @BookBriefs

“I absolutely love the series, Th e Book of All Things. Each story is its own, but they all have a shared history in the world they’re from. Sarah has done it again with The Claw and the Crowned ! It’s a fantastic story with characters you’ll love (and some you’ll love to hate), and let’s not forget the spice. It’s a perfect spicy romantasy to warm those upcoming winter nights.”
~Tralyn Hughes, book reviewer and blogger at Tralyn’s Bookbag


“Freedom Comes in Many Forms” by Leah Fry for The Claw and the Crowned


“Mine” by Stephanie Brown for The Claw and the Crowned
Imryll of Glaisgain by Nora Adamszki for The Claw and the Crowned
Drazhan Wynter by Nora Adamszki for The Claw and the Crowned


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