The Poison and the Paladin Five Piece Swag Pack

Included in this pack:
1 5×7 print of The Whispering Wood
1 5×7 print of Until the World Ends
1 4×6 print of Edriss Blackwood
1 4×6 print of Lorcan James
1 The Poison and the Palaadin bookmark


He’s the calm in her storm.


Own pieces of the exclusive art commissioned for The Poison and the Paladin. Swag pack includes 2 5×7 couple’s prints, and 2 4×6 character portraits, as well as a TPATP bookmark.


“With Sarah M. Cradit’s signature blend of dark fantasy, political intrigue, and sizzling romance, The Poison and the Paladin had me fully addicted. The forbidden love, dangerous alliances, and heart-wrenching deceptions destroyed my emotions in the best way, while the complex world building, deadly rivalries, and strong female characters gave me everything I needed to satisfy my House of the Dragon cravings.”
~Tessonja Odette, author of the Entangled with Fae series

“A gorgeously written, powerful tale of empowerment. Sarah is a master of weaving her story’s rich, layered worldbuilding and gripping political intrigue within an unfolding romance that both beautifully breaks and puts the heart back together. I was absolutely riveted.”
~Jesikah Sundin, multi-award winning author of The Ealdspell Cycle

“Another epic adventure in the Westerlands! Full of forbidden love, betrayal, and so much angst. Moments that will make your heart melt and moments that will make you want to pull your hair out. An absolutely enchanting tale of true love conquering all.”
~Heidi, @bookish.heidi



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“Until the World Ends” by Steffani Christensen for The Poison and the Paladin

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Edriss Blackwood by Alexandra Curte for The Poison and the Paladin

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 cm
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SKU 00055

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